Still Working With Offset Smoker

Well, over the past couple of months I have been fighting with this Brinkman offset smoker and trying to get good results.

Want to take a guess as to who has been winning that battle? LOL

Anyway, I think I need to back up and regroup a bit.

What I can get out of this smoker now is plenty of smoke. What I cannot get out of this smoker yet is a more consistent cooking temperature. When I smoke – regardless of whether it be ribs or a chicken or a brisket – I am shooting for a cooking temperature of right at about 225° and I am just not getting that.

I do think I am about done with smoking for this season. So between now and next season I will figure out what I am doing wrong and how I might go about correcting these problems. I have to figure out so I can get the consistent barbecue that my family as come to love and expect.

Over the winter I will figure it all out so check back next season to see what happens next.

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