About Me

I am a 60 year old retired U.S. Marine. I am married with a total of 5 grown children (4 sons and 1 daughter) and 10 grandchildren – all spread out all over the country. And as far as I am concerned there is absolutely nothing better than fall off the bone, finger licking good backyard barbeque. Unfortunately, finding such treasure has been nearly impossible so a couple of years ago I decided to learn how to smoke my favorite cuts of meat so that I can sit down and enjoy really good barbeque whenever the urge hits me.

I am sure that I am not alone. My wife and I have tried a number of local “bbq joints” and restaurants and initially we thought what they served was pretty good. However, after a trip or two back to these places we discovered that the food had changed in some manner. I use to really like one of the chain restaurants, but it was getting so expensive that I started looking into doing it myself and guess what? I can smoke up a batch of ribs, as many chickens as I can get into my smoker, brisket, pork loins (that’s what we like to smoke for pulled pork instead of a pork butt), sausage and salmon whenever I get the urge for delicious, fall off the bone, finger-licking good backyard barbecue. I also found out that I can do it affordably and exactly to my taste.

I know that there are plenty of backyard chefs that feel the same way and others that are just exploring the possibility of learning to smoke or barbecue themselves. It is for this reason that I decided I wanted to share what I have learned with others that share the same passion for mouth-watering backyard barbeque. It is for this reason that backyard-barbeque.com came to be.

It is my hope that as backyard-barbeque.com develops and grows others will want to share their outdoor cooking experiences – good and bad. I would encourage others to share their thoughts and experiences regarding the equipment they use and why they like it or hate it. Share with us how you got started, whether you buy your smokers or grills from a big box store, online or built it yourself. If you have a favorite recipe for rubs or bbq sauce, I would like to hear about it.

My desires in creating this site is to see backyard-barbeque.com grow into one of the premiere sites where backyard chefs can gather to share their successes and failures. I hope that others will find the information provided here to be helpful in some manner and will visit often.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about me and my passion for great barbecue.

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