New Brinkman Offset Smoker Mods


So this is new Brinkman offset smoker leaks heat and smoke like nobody’s business and here is what I did to try to resolve some of the issues.

Because there are no real lips around the lid of this puppy, laying down a bead of high-temp silicone around the lip is a waste of time. So what I am trying here is to loosely roll up some aluminum foil the width of the ends of the smoker. Next I just kind of laid it in place then closed the lid down so that it will hopefully form some kind of a seal.


Unfortunately, I would not recommend this smoker because of the fact that the way it is designed really sucks and this thing is going to really require some modifications if you have any hope of sealing it up. And since I already paid for it, I will continue to work with it see if I can get it to produce the kind of results I am looking for. But I sure wish I knew what the engineers were thinking when they dreamed up this design for this offset smoker.

Be sure to check back for my further adventures with this particular Brinkman offset smoker. It ought to be a in interesting ride – if you know what I mean.

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