Smoking Pork Loin and Brisket


Yesterday I started out to try to turn a couple of piece of tough old meat into something flavorful, succulent and so tender that it just melts in your mouth. I smoked a couple of pretty good hunks of brisket along with a nice fat pork loin.

Just in case you have not been reading my posts from the beginning, allow me to bring you up to speed real quick on how I have finally conquered my Brinkman Offset Smoker.

For starters, I get a full chimney of charcoal briquettes going. Next I dump them into the smoke box, but closer to the smoker end of the box. Once the smoker comes up to a temperature of right around 225° it is time to start cooking.

So yesterday when I started this process (and it take me basically two days now to cook brisket the way we like it) Once the smoker was up to temp, I got the pork loin and the two briskets in the smoker. As you can see from the photo above, this puppy is capable of producing plenty of smoke.

Now, I started this about 10:00 am yesterday morning. I keep the cooking temperature right at about 225°, 250° throughout the entire cooking process. In my case, I smoked right up until dark. So the briskets cooked for about 10 hours so far. The pork loin, once it reach about 165° got wrapped in aluminum foil and left to cool on the counter.

So once I had actually finished smoking the briskets, they also go wrapped in aluminum foil and then moved over to the electric smoker and left to cook on a very low heat overnight. I have no idea what the actual cook temperature of the electric smoker was, but I would venture to guess maybe 100° . . . maybe 150.

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