First Official Smoke Of 2015

Sunday was the first official smoke of the 2015 season and I have to say, I am more than a little disappointed in the overall results.

20150413_175926For the first smoke of the year I cooked a 4-lb pork loin and did it in my electric smoker. I set up my little home-made chimney hoping it would give the pork more of the smoke flavor that my wife and I are looking for.

What a let down!

I got the smoker going at an average temperature of around 225° and got 5 briquettes going in my little chimney. Once all five of the briquettes were hot, I added a few small chunks of oak for the smoke.

Initially, the oak started producing what looked like a pretty fair amount of smoke, but it didn’t last long. Seems that maybe the dog food can I used for the chimney might be way to small to give me the amount of smoke I am looking for. Plus, this little can required a lot more attention than I expected. Because I had no clue what to expect with this experiment, I didn’t really pay as close attention to the smoke as I should have. I did learn the hard way that I probably needed to be adding wood more often than I was.

So in hind sight, aside from the chimney being too small, I think the problem was mostly my fault for not paying closer attention. I am thinking that I will try this one more time and use a larger diameter can so I can get a couple of more briquettes and much more wood. If that doesn’t work for me, then I guess I will be looking at either buying an offset smoker or building a vertical smoker from scratch.

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