New Redneck Christmas Tradition II

Yesterday was Christmas and I am glad that it only comes around once a year. At my age, I don’t think I could handle it more than once a year.

Anyway, this is the continuation of how our new redneck Christmas tradition worked out and I got to say that it weren’t half bad. Even the wife was impressed with the way everything turned out and has decided that this will be our new tradition for the time being.

So our Christmas dinner consisted of the pork butt, which made for some excellent chopped pork sandwiches, the beef roast, a honey glazed ham, fresh green beans, fried potatoes and fresh home-made bread. I never ate so much in my life.

As far as how the roast and the pork butt turned out, it was all good.

Our particular pork butt was really a pretty crappy cut of meat. It was real fatty and neither of us are real big fans of fatty meats so we weren’t real impressed with the pork butt. I will say that what little bit of meat we could get out of it, the chopped pork (the wife prefers chopped versus pulled) was juicy, flavorful and quite tender. Add the fact that we had fresh, home-made bread to make the sandwiches – I was in pig heaven.

In regards to the beef roast, the two of us were a bit disappointed in how that came out. The roast was juicy and tender, but it was a bit tough. It’s hard to describe. The slices were cut maybe a touch on the thick side and that may be why it was a little chewy.

While the smoked meats came out good as far as it being flavorful and tender, I was disappointed with the level of smoke flavoring that I am looking for. Again, because of the weather I smoked the butt and roast under the covered back porch in the electric smoker. I got out the loaf pan that I swiped from my wife and tried a sort of mini minion method with the charcoal briquettes. On top of that I put a foil packet of mesquite wood chips in an attempt to generate lots and lots of smoke. After that, when I needed to add a new batch of briquettes, I decided to put hickory wood chunks on to see if that would generate the smoke flavor I wanted.

Apparently it did not!

I guess my opinion of the electric smoker hasn’t changed so it looks like it is time to start looking for a new smoker. Maybe I need to look into a propane smoker, but I think I might be happier with a charcoal/wood smoker. Maybe I will look into building one. Maybe a vertical smoker make out of wood. At least by building one I can build it exactly the way I want it instead of having to settle for something less.

New Redneck Christmas Tradition


My wonderful wife decided a few days ago that she was tired of the traditional Christmas dinner. This year she just plain got tired of turkey and mashed potatoes and wanted to try something different. She wanted to do prime rib roast in the smoker. However, when we went to the store and found that a small roast was going for $55 . . . we about passed out. Now I don’t know if that is a good price or not, but it was definitely out of our comfort zone. So we decided that would would start a new redneck Christmas dinner tradition.

Since we both love good barbecue, she picked up a nice sized pork butt and a beef roast. I also picked up a small salmon fillet for my grand daughter since I had promised her that the next time I smoked something I would smoke her some salmon. Anyway, the wife (since she is the boss) decided that I would smoke the pork butt and beef roast and this would be the makings of our new tradition. We haven’t quite figured what sides are going to go along with this new redneck tradition, but she is going to make some homemade bread.

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Smoked Salmon For Christmas


Okay . . . so today I set out to smoke four (4) pounds of salmon for a friend. She is having her annual Christmas party next week and asked that I smoke some salmon for her.

My wife took care of all the hard stuff. She picked out the salmon, brined it and got it all ready to go in the smoker so all that was left for me to do was stick it in the smoker and wait for it to cook.

I got to tell you that this friend has been a fan of my smoked salmon since she first tried it last year. I don’t know why she likes it so much. My first attempt left the salmon, in my opinion, dry and overcooked. But for whatever reason, she ate it and raved about it.

The second attempt was for my grandson’s first birthday party.

Again, I was not the least bit impressed with the results, but then again, I am not a big fish eater and the only salmon I had ever really eaten came out of a can. So you can take my opinion for what it’s worth.

Anyway, this same lady friend was at the birthday party along with one of her kids, his wife and their two kids.

I had smoked a couple of pounds of salmon along with ribs and a port tenderloin. When the party was over, there was no salmon to be seen. Seems that this lady friend, her son and his wife along with my grand daughter made sure that all the salmon was gone.

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